Useful Info

What can a piper do?

Pipers are most effective at marking certain stages in an event, due to their traditional appearance and sound – eg. to pipe guests on arrival at a wedding, to pipe cake in at a Birthday Party etc. We’d always advise including a piper at choice moments to assist dramatic impact, rather than have him play away non stop.

Please note that it requires a lot of physical effort to play the bagpipes – pipers will tend to play in stints of 5-20 minutes.

Piper prices are based on type of event, distance and attendance time – they are less dependant on how much or little you want him/her to play.

Please check that your event venue will allow a bagpiper to perform.

Tune selection isn’t necessary to secure a booking. Your piper will be available to discuss your specific requirements and offer music advice closer to your wedding day. Unless you have specific tunes in mind, we would also recommend taking advantage of the piper’s experience – he will know what tunes work best at different times.